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Oli Olsen is delighted to allow our customers to set up wish lists for our store.

Wish lists allow you to list products you'd like in one simple place. Then you can simply go back to that spot to buy them whenever you want - or, if you'd prefer, you can make the list public, meaning your friends can buy things for you!

It's the ideal solution for anything from a birthday to a special celebration. When you create a list (click here to start) you'll be asked if you'd like to enter a link to make it public, or keep it so it's only for use by you.

If it's a public list, any items ordered will be delivered to your door, at an address you've chosen. Don't worry – we won't reveal your details to the customer who buys the items.

If you're using the list yourself, you can simply add items from your list directly into your basket. When you check out, the list will be updated so you can see that they've been bought.

Why not give it a try now?

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